Alpha IBC Limited can provide you with a wide range of services. Our experts have more than 15 years of experience in offshore company formation. They are fluent in many languages and are qualified to find solutions to suite your specific business needs. We have established a business relationships with our customers and strive to obtain the up most trust and confidentiality in tailoring your needs. We adopt a flexible approach to work, keeping in mind our client’s best interest which enables us to provide the highest standard of professional conduct

At Alpha IBC Limited, we do our best to meet your needs, therefore, we are here to inform and advise you for the purpose of making the best decisions suited for your objectives. Our aim is to ensure efficiency, commitment and continuity in our relationships.

Our services are tailored to individual needs of each particular client

Company Formation

Cyprus Companies are successfully used as holding structures, trading and shipping companies. They are also beneficial as a finance company in a group of companies and for trading in securities.

Why Choose a Cyprus Company?

  • European jurisdiction
  • Legislation based on an English legal system
  • English language as main language of communication
  • Large number of specialists (auditors and lawyers)
  • Appeling and reasonable corporate tax rate of 12,5%
  • Various types of income is not taxed (0%)
  • There are 59 active Double Taxation Treaties (DDT) that give an advantage when conducting business

The corporate service department is an extremely large source of Cyprus’ population employability. The State ensures that that legislation is beneficial in order for Cyprus to remain one of the leaders in business. As a result, the legal system is being updated all the time in order to attract large worldwide companies and wealthy individuals.

Other jurisdictions can provide the same services up to a certain extent; however, Cyprus companies combine of all the above services, making them most efficient in the EU for solving corporate issues.

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Cyprus Licensed Companies

Licensing Opportunities in Cyprus

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It is a legal requirement for a Cyprus Company to keep accounting books and records. Accounting services involve the preparation and analysis of financial information.

Our team of professionally qualified accountants will undertake accounting and specialized financial work. We provide our clients with a complete package of Accounting & Bookkeeping services, thus assisting your company to run smoothly and efficiently and ensuring that the appropriate accounting records are maintained.

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VAT is an indirect expenditure based tax on the consumption of goods and services. It is charged on the taxable supply of goods and services in Cyprus by a taxable person in a course of a business carried on by him. Taxable person refers to sole traders, partnerships, limited companies, clubs and associations that are making taxable supplies.

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Company Administration

Nominee services are used by our clients in order to protect their identity by ensuring discretion and anonymity. It is a legal way of keeping their personal details off public records by having our directors, secretary and shareholders nominated in their place instead.

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Company Ancillary Services

To enable the proficient running of your Company, we can offer many additional services that will help maintain the office in a specialized and efficient manner. We can supply the following supplementary services such as:

  • Legalization and notarization of corporate documents
  • Document preparation
  • Checking the availability of company names
  • Invoicing
  • Accounting and bookkeeping
  • Audit of accounts
  • Filing of annual reports
  • Filing of accounts
  • Bank Introduction
  • Obtaining credit/debit cards for personal/corporate use

Please note that we do not limit ourselves only to the above.

If you would like additional information in regards to the above or have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us, as we are here for your service, helping and guiding you through your business planning.

Company Secretary

The Company secretary is usually responsible for making sure that the Company is in good standing and that the Company files and submits all the relevant documentation to the relevant authorities. This service requires a profound expertise in Company law, therefore we advise you to appoint our professionals even if there is no firm obligation. In some jurisdictions the office of company secretary is non-statutorily recognized being that there is no legal requirement to appoint a company secretary. Nevertheless, it will always be the case that it is a realistic condition to appoint a company secretary as banks and other third parties will not accept documentation unless it has been signed by the company secretary. Alpha IBC Limited professionals have extensive experience in providing secretarial services. We are totally committed to the needs of our clients and continually strive to improve on our fast proficient services. Company law is continually changing and we here at Alpha IBC Limited aim to keep you updated with any changes in the law and company secretarial services. Our secretarial services are as follows:

  • Keeping and maintaining all corporate documents
  • Preparation and filing of the annual returns
  • Inspection and the submission of audited accounts
  • Renewal of a company (depending on jurisdiction)
  • Amendments to memorandum & articles of association
  • Opening of a branch of a company
  • Preparation of documents for the increase of the share capital and in relation to the change of director/shareholder
  • Documents for different types of shares
  • Any additional documents that have to be prepared in relation to the change of director/shareholder
  • Practical help with corporate documents

Please remember that we are here to serve your needs.

Virtual Office

Virtual office provides you with all the support services necessary to help you run your business efficiently and competently. Whereever you are in the world, you can rest assured as your calls and mail are being dealt with by our professionals. Virtual office helps you to reduce your overhead expenses of the day to day running of an office.

We here at Alpha IBC Limited are able to prepare a tailor made package to suite your requirements.

We offer cost effective solutions to boost the image of your company. Our clients can choose from a range of different packages:

  • Telephone/fax Management - for those companies which are particularly active or wish to have a higher profile, the allocation of a dedicated telephone line which will be answered with the name of your company, fax and email facilities can be provided
  • Arrangement of Mail forwarding
  • Mail address and POBox address in London and Nicosia
  • Web site hosting

If any questions arise regarding the above packages, please contact our specialists who will be able to provide further information and/or clarification.

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Bank introduction

We at Alpha IBC Limited have gained untold expertise over many years for the purpose of exceeding your expectations of fulfilling your banking requirements.

Once your Company has been incorporated, Alpha IBC Limited can assist you with opening a bank account. We can introduce you to well established banks that will be suited to your personal business needs. These banks can supply you with multi-currency accounts, full internet access, credit/debit cards and ATM Card facilities making you able to access your account from almost anywhere in the world.

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There are many different reasons why you may want to change the jurisdiction of your company. Numerous tax laws and political statements are constantly changing. This process is otherwise known as redomicilation. Redomicilation is a process in which an offshore jurisdiction allows foreign companies to change their jurisdiction of incorporation. The legal representative of the company will usually permit the transfer of a company’s original seat of Incorporation into another jurisdiction.

Please keep in mind that it’s not your company or company name that is changing, only the jurisdiction.

Knowing that different countries have different rules and legislations, and for whatever reason you would like to redomicile your company to another jurisdiction we will be at hand to help you supply the relevant documents.

Once the transfer has been carried out, the company will receive the transfer of domicile or otherwise known as the certificate of redomicilation.

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Cyprus Passport & Tax Residence

Non-EU citizens can now obtain Cypriot citizenship by Exception through direct investment in the Republic of Cyprus. The Council of Ministers has set out a list of measures that need to be taken when acquiring citizenship by Exception.

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Offshore (Overseas) Companies

Alpha IBC Limited specialises in the incorporation of offshore companies, as well as the provision of nominee services, offshore banking and virtual offices. Incorporating offshore in popular financial centres and tax havens enables individuals and businesses to benefit from advantageous tax, asset and legal arrangements, and to enjoy much higher levels of privacy and confidentiality.

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