Company Administration Professional Services

Nominee services are used by our clients in order to protect their identity by ensuring discretion and anonymity. It is a legal way of keeping their personal details off public records by having our directors, secretary and shareholders nominated in their place instead.

It is a legal way of keeping personal details off public records

For foreign clients it is advisable that the majority of the Board of Directors consists of Cypriot Nominee directors for the purposes of tax planning. Therefore, a company can claim Cypriot residency and take advantage of Cyprus tax system and tax treaties offered by Cyprus. According to Cyprus Tax Law, in order to be considered a tax resident in Cyprus, a Company must be managed and controlled from Cyprus. This means that the majority of the Board of Directors should reside and work in Cyprus.

We provide our clients with a wide range of nominee services:

  • Provision of Director / Professional Director/ Nominee Director
  • Shareholder
  • Secretary
  • Account Signatory

Nominee shareholders are utilized in most jurisdictions. With respect to publicly traded shares, nominees are commonly, and legitimately, used to facilitate the clearance and settlement of trades. The rationale for using nominee shareholders in other contexts, however, is less persuasive and may lead to abuse. For example, many jurisdictions require corporations to maintain shareholder registers and file annual returns containing shareholders list and directors information. The use of nominees, however, reduces the usefulness of the shareholder register or the shareholder list because the shareholder of record may not be the ultimate beneficial owner.

Furthermore, trust deeds are signed by and between the nominee shareholder and the beneficial shareholder in order to completely safeguard their interests and confirm the terms and conditions of their cooperation.

The nominee services that we offer are structured in such way so as to provide full confidentiality to our clients’ personal information whilst at the same time ensuring full legality and full control over the company. Using our nominee services allows individuals or corporate bodies to nominate another persons or corporate body to act as a non-executive company director, secretary or shareholder. The nominees will act on behalf of our clients in name only and their details will be registered with the Registrar of Companies and displayed on the public records in place of the true director, secretary or beneficial owner.

It is important to remember that the nominees act only upon instructions of true directors and shareholders and are not entitled to manage the company.

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