Offshore (overseas) Companies Formation

An offshore company is an effective way to minimise taxes and to guarantee confidentiality in conducting business. Alpha IBC Limited has gained vast experience over the years in the field of offshore (overseas) companies formation and support.

We can assist with company formation and other corporate services in jurisdictions across the globe.

Alpha IBC Limited specialises in the incorporation of offshore companies, as well as the provision of nominee services, offshore banking and virtual offices. Incorporating offshore in popular financial centres and tax havens enables individuals and businesses to benefit from advantageous tax, asset and legal arrangements, and to enjoy much higher levels of privacy and confidentiality.

We undertake the company formation procedures and take care of all the necessary paperwork while our clients relax and focus on their business. A timely, personalized and confidential approach is guaranteed at all times. Moreover, we provide optional services to our clients, such as shelf offshore company formation in a number of jurisdictions, and furthermore nominee services, where directors or shareholders are provided by us for full confidentiality.

Alpha IBC Limited offers a complete portfolio of jurisdictions and structures to suit clients’ differing requirements. We can provide our customers with company formation services in several of the best offshore and overseas jurisdictions available including:

  • Belize
  • British Virgin Islands (BVI)
  • Gibraltar
  • Hong Kong
  • Marshall Islands
  • Nevis
  • Panama
  • Seychelles
  • Singapore
  • United Kingdom (England, Scotland)
  • USA (Delaware, Wyoming & Arkansas)

Choosing a suitable jurisdiction is a key business decision that requires taking into concern many parameters.  There are multijurisdictional and cross-border considerations which vary in each jurisdiction, while tax implications and corporate requirements need to be viewed from a variety of perspectives.  Our consultants are very experienced in this area and remain at your full disposal to discuss potential structures and other related issues.

If you require any additional information on the above please do not hesitate to contact our staff for assistance.