Transfer to Alpha IBC

To start the procedure the beneficial owner would need to contact their current agent and inform them of their decision to transfer the company to a new agent. A letter would need to be prepared clarifying the instructions provided to both the current and new agent. The current agent would require that all invoices need to be settled before the Company can leave their administration.

If we are to take over the administration of a Company, it is vital that we have proof of its full history of both structural and business activities before we accept the appointment.

In order for our compliance department to review the company we would expect to receive (in additional to the usual due diligence and KYC documents/information on the Beneficial Owners from the clients) the following documents for review:

  • The Company’s Certificate of Incorporation
  • The Company’s Memorandum & Articles of Association
  • All Company’s Minutes (from incorporation)
  • Minutes of the resigning/outgoing Directors approving the appointment of the new Director and Secretary, change in the Registered Office and any Transfer of Shares (if relevant)
  • Letter of Resignation from the resigning/outgoing Director & Secretary
  • Copies of any Contracts or Agreements entered into by the Company
  • Copies of any Powers of Attorneys issued by the Company
  • Copies of the Company’s Accounting records and up to date set of Accounts
  • Copies of any Bank Mandate documentation and statements for any accounts still in operation by the Company
  • Copies of all form filed with Registrar of Companies* (from incorporation)
  • Copies of all Confirmation Certificates received from the Registrar of Companies* (from incorporation)
  • Registers of Directors, Secretary and Shareholder
  • Copies of all Share Certificates both cancelled and in issue
  • Copies of any previous Instruments of Transfers
  • Copies of any Declarations of Trust issued by Shareholders (past and present)
  • Confirmation that the relevant Levy’s have been settled from 2011 – to date
  • Letter signed by the UBO confirming that the Company has not been involved or connected to any legal proceedings or issues since the date of incorporation. (A sample of this letter can be provided by our company)
  • Confirmation if any bank accounts were opened

* For all Cyprus Companies we can obtain certain document from the Registrar of companies, however, the client will need to agree to the cost in order to proceed.

It is important to remember that the above documents belong to the Company and not to the resigning officers of the Company.

Ready to transfer?

In order to proceed with the transfer of your company please complete the relevant “transfer in” form.


If you require any additional information on the above please do not hesitate to contact our staff for assistance.