Cyprus Citizenship

Obtain a Cyprus citizenship in 3 months for a whole family just for an investment of €2 million.

Benefits of obtaining Cyprus Citizenship

  • Restriction Free Travel

    Freely travel, reside, study and work within the EU.

  • Cypriot Citizenship Can Be Obtained by Most Family Members

    Spouse of applicant, children under 18 years, and adult dependent children (over 18 years and up to 28 years).

  • Free Movement of Capital

    Take advantage of the benefits of transferring any amount of money from any Member State to another, being able to purchase property in any EU Member State and having the opportunity to invest in any legal activity.

  • Free Movement of Goods

    All goods produced in EU Member States can be transferred freely from any Member State to another.

  • No Requirement to Physically Reside in Cyprus

    Either before the application or after obtaining the citizenship.

The new conditions of obtaining Cyprus Citizenship by Exception through direct investment in the Republic of Cyprus were approved on 13th September 2016.

The required investment amount for an individual is €2 million

The funds can be invested/deposited into one of the following:

  1. Real estate and land development (e.g. residential, commercial, and other infrastructure)
  2. The purchase, establishment or participation in businesses or companies that are based and have activities in Cyprus (the above mentioned businesses and companies must be able to verify their physical presence in Cyprus and should employ at least five Cypriot or EU citizens. The employees must have been Cyprus residents for last 5 years.) Note, that the investment funds must be aimed only toward investing in Cyprus.
  3. Investment in Investment Funds or Cyprus companies and organisations which are licensed by CySec (the applicant must purchase bonds, securities, or debentures which have been issued in Cyprus and approved by CySec).
  4. The combination of any options mentioned above amounting to €2 million as well as the investment in Cyprus government bonds. Note, that the last is limited to €500,000 (the bonds must be issued by the Cyprus Government and must be kept for at least 3 years).

Applicant’s Parents are eligible to apply for Cyprus Citizenship if:

they own a permanent residence in Cyprus of a market value of at least €500.000 excluding VAT (Applicant and his/her parents can purchase one residential property of a market value of at least €1.000.000 excluding VAT).

Additional requirements

In addition to investing in Cyprus economy, the applicant is obliged to:

  • Have a clean criminal record
  • Own a permanent residence in Cyprus of a market value of at least €500.000 excluding VAT (Does not apply if the real estate development is chosen as an investment option and the investment is made exclusively in a single piece of real estate residential property)
  • Retain the investment for at least three years following the acquisition of Cypriot citizenship, with the exception of the residential property of at least €500,000 that should not be disposed at any point in time, or, if disposed, the investor should substitute with another property of an equal or higher purchase price
  • Have an active residence permit in Cyprus or apply for one at the same time with the citizenship application


No Greek language proficiency is required.

Applicant does not become a tax resident in Cyprus, unless he/she spends more than 183 days in any one calendar year.

The approval of Citizenship under the relevant Decision is granted by the Cyprus Council of Ministers.

The application package is submitted to the Ministry of Interior. The Ministry of Finance assesses the financial criteria.

The application of the spouse is submitted concurrently with the application of the main applicant. Upon the approval of these applications, children’s applications follow.

After the thorough examination of the application by the two Ministries, it is later presented to the Council of Ministers.

It usually takes approximately 6 months for the application to be processed.

The Council of Ministers has complete discretionary power regarding these decisions.

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